Wednesday, 1 June 2016

sally's picks - week 21: INK

Mmmmmm Ink I love you so!  So vibrant, so fun, so glad I got to choose the inky picks.  Ink is my favourite medium at the moment.  Thank you to everyone who participated this week.  Here are my picks.

Amy Haynes

Celia Hyland

Clara Cook

Danny Zemp

Emma Kaufmann

Grietje Drooglever-Uphoff

Heidi Cooper-Smith

Ian McLean

Ivan Smith

Josie Age 12

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Lizzle Manizzle

Melissa Johns

Nicola N Billy Bremner

Penny Fisher

Udayana Lugo

Viki Lea Stokes

Violette Gdlt

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