Thursday, 25 February 2016

tania's picks - week 7: KINDERGARTEN

Leonie Cheetham

What a joy to be cast back to childhood with this collection of kidlike images for KINDERGARTEN week! I absolutely loved it. Here are my picks, ie: images that resonated particularly with me.

There are many more gorgeous images on the Challenge Wall--enjoy them here!

James Leong

Joanne Stead

Kirsty Collett

Alessandra Pini

Alice, age 3

Andrea Fülöp

Anita Gadzińska

Anna Freeman

Julie StAubyn

Kay Don

Laura Stitzel

Lex McKay

MaryAnn Loo

Nicky Johnston

Peter Hinton

Peter Papamanolis

Rondelle Douglas

Shaney Hyde

Sue Mills

Tanja Hilgers‎

Clara Cook

Jolanda Jarman‎

Katha Schwartz

Paloma Hodgins

Penelope's Nest

Susan Ruming

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

heidi's picks - week 6: PRINTING

Yeesh!  I filled a folder with all of my favourite artworks from this week.  And then I halved it to get my shortlist for the blog picks.  Then I made a further big cull - dark photos and artists represented more than once.  Then another extremely difficult cull to get the number down under 50.  How ridiculously talented you all are!  Thank you for making this week such an amazing visual feast.  And damn you all for making it so difficult for me!

Vanessa Pritchard
Clara Cook

Camilo Davila

Catherine Mosely

Elizabeth Bostic

Gary Dadd

Janet Murphy

Jolanda Jarman

Katha Schwarz

Leonie Cheetham

Rachel Senior

Sally Fawcett

Tash Farrar

Akemi Ito

Anita Jones

Anna Rosa Lossius

Anne L-y So

Becky Lazarevic

Birgitta Eriksson

Danny Zemp

Dee F Emme

Demelsa Haughton

Erin Johnson

Joanne Stread

Joyee Neogi

Katharine Harper

Laura Emily Arnull

Lex McKay

Linda Graham d'Agostino

Marie Laure Fontan

Melissa Dabkowski Agresta

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Oscar Weigall (aged 7)

Paloma Hodgins
Penelopes Nest

Marisa Gref
Anita Gadzinska
Kristy Collett

Peter Papamanolis

Philippa Cleall

Sarah Epstein

Tanja Hilgers

Trish Davis

Violette Gdlt