Thursday, 11 February 2016

penny's picks - week 5: 1920s

Wow! What a week. The 1920s is one of my favourite eras and thanks to all the fabulous art I found it so difficult to choose, hence why there are so many picks. Even though I haven’t had time to contribute this year, due to a new demanding job, I am well and truly here in spirit enjoying all your art.
Elizabeth Bostic
Och Gonzalez Umias

Judy Barnes

Courtney Richie

Jenni Marie Webb

Pita Norris
Akemi Ito

Alessandra Pini

Alison Smallwood

Amanda Hunt

Anna Rosa Lossius

Anne L-y So

Arianna Alessi

Cara King

Chris Kennet

Clara Cook

Damien Thomaz

Dani Zemp

Demelsa Haughton

Clare Weigall (Elsa 4yrs)

Heidi Cooper Smith

Ian McLean

Iaria Musazzi

Jasmine Pfingst

Jolanda Jarman

Julie StAubyn

Katharine Harper
Peter Hinton
Benjamin Johnston

Kristy Collett

Laura Emily Arnull

Leonie Cheetham

Margaret Dewar

Marie Charrois

Marilou Lavallee

Marisa Tait (Elizabeth 2 & 3/4yrs)

Michi Lee Art

Nicky Johnston

Oscar age 7

Penelopes Nest

Peter Papamanolis

Sally Fawcett

Sonya Oyston

Sophie Pittaway

Stephanie Lee

Vanessa Pitchard

Violette Gdit

Adrianne Victoria Hudgson

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