Thursday, 25 February 2016

tania's picks - week 7: KINDERGARTEN

Leonie Cheetham

What a joy to be cast back to childhood with this collection of kidlike images for KINDERGARTEN week! I absolutely loved it. Here are my picks, ie: images that resonated particularly with me.

There are many more gorgeous images on the Challenge Wall--enjoy them here!

James Leong

Joanne Stead

Kirsty Collett

Alessandra Pini

Alice, age 3

Andrea Fülöp

Anita Gadzińska

Anna Freeman

Julie StAubyn

Kay Don

Laura Stitzel

Lex McKay

MaryAnn Loo

Nicky Johnston

Peter Hinton

Peter Papamanolis

Rondelle Douglas

Shaney Hyde

Sue Mills

Tanja Hilgers‎

Clara Cook

Jolanda Jarman‎

Katha Schwartz

Paloma Hodgins

Penelope's Nest

Susan Ruming

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