Wednesday, 29 January 2014

tania's picks - week 4: SELFIE

Everyone was so nervous about SELFIE! but it produced some fabulous work, and here are some of my faves ...

Jen Barton

Jennifer Olsen

Adriana Mahne

Jonathan Choong

Marjory Gardner

Melissa Fiorenza

Patricia Ward

 Patsy Hart

Rebecca Horsburgh

Nicky Johnston

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

tania's picks - week 3: CARAVAN

So many gorgeous caravans! Here are just some of my favourites from Week 3: CARAVAN ...

 Adriana Mahne

Bettina Dodson

David Murphy

Gwynne McGinley

Hannah Grace

James, age 9

Lucinda Gifford

Mitch Vane
Rebecca Gillard

Sharen Turner

Sharon McGuinness

Vicki Noel Hilder
Vicky Pratt

Yvonne Mes

 Adriana Mahne

Thursday, 16 January 2014

about nicky

Nicky Johnston is a children's book author and illustrator, a primary educator, speaker, presenter and an artist. She is passionate about promoting resilience in children and raising awareness of mental health issues. Her love of teaching sees her busy with school visits and presenting at workshops and conferences.

Aimed at helping children deal with anxiety, Nicky's first book Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts! has been adapted into a touring theatrical production, visiting primary schools throughout Victoria. The production incursion was awarded SILVER Award at the 2013 Mental Health Service Achievement Awards.

Since beginning of 2014 Nicky has been involved in the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, creating illustrations for every theme each week! In 2015 Nicky took the reigns from founder Tania McCartney becoming the creative director of the Challenge, continuing to lead and support the creative community into now, its third year.

While Nicky is currently illustrating two children's books due to be published in 2017, she also offers custom illustrations for vision boards, children and pets. Her love of all things creative will always see her being involved in a variety of arty projects.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

tania's picks - week 2: KIDS

Here are just some of the amazing illustrations I particularly loved during Week 2: KIDS ...

 Bobbie Henry

Christina Booth
Gwynne McGinley
 Hilal Can

Lisa Loffredo
Lydia, age 9
Michelle Evans
Mitch Vane
Rebecca Gillard
Wai Chim

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

tania's picks - week 1: EGGS

Here are just some of the amazing illustrations I particularly loved during Week 1: EGGS ...

Yvonne Mes
 Sharon McGuinness

Laura Allen-Andrews

 Sheryl Gwyther

 Dee White

Gabrielle Wang

Tina Snerling
 Gwynneth McGinley

Mitch Vane

Jeffery Doherty

Bettina Dodson

 Grace Bryant

Jennifer Olsen

Kirrili Lonergan

Ramona Davey

Sonya Oyston