Wednesday, 30 July 2014

tania's picks - week 30: SYDNEY

Sydney is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I was so excited to see this week's contributions. The results were a glorious mix of interpretations, from the city's glorious iconic sites to bird-cage-lined lane ways, beachscapes, fauna, and the cultural events and aspects that make Sydney so great.

Enjoy my picks for week 30! and you can see many more amazing images on the Facebook Group page.

Trish Davis

Anita GadziƄska

Cam Starcevich

Anne Trott‎

Diane McWhirter

Carolina Peters

Grace, age 7

Hannah Grace

Heidi Cooper

Jen Barton

Judy Watson

Keryn Bowdidge

Leonie Cheetham

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Kirrili Lonergan

Mel Gannon

Nicky Johnston

Rebecca Webb

Sarah Epstein

Sophie Pittaway

Tracey Lennon

Vicky Pratt‎

Anita Howard

Annie Cvetkovic

Cara King

Giles Kelly

Christina Booth

Grace Bryant

Heather, age 6

Kim Bergstrom

Jasmine Pfingst

Lee Moir

Jess Racklyeft

Leonie Cheetham

Kayleen West Cavill

Manda Gillespie

Natalie Daniel

Penny Fisher

Robert J Leaso-Cobb

Shelly Wild

Stuart Ingram

Tracey Read

Vair Buchanan

Richelle Sanders

Kristen Okeefe

Michelle Varga

Friday, 25 July 2014

learn: Collage with Ana Karen San

This is the collage piece I did for Week 25 – Dots.

For the sake of this tutorial, and to document each step, I have replicated the artwork (you will notice that the colours are slightly different).

After I had my final sketch I identified all of the elements on it, since I was doing a collage it was better to recognize all the parts I needed beforehand. I decided not to work on the background until the end. Firstly, I copied the character from my final sketch onto new paper in order to make a cutting guide of the two parts needed for making the character in fabric.

Then I cut a piece of fabric according to the patterns.

Having the parts of the character cut I proceeded to copy the ball and the bucket from the sketch in a white sheet of paper and applied color with some markers. After coloring them I cut them with a blade or stencil knife.

Then, for the stuffing I did my own confetti.
For this part it is important to place your piece of paper on a board and tape its sides well in order to avoid it moving or distorting. Also, it is best to use paper with a high percentage of cotton for these types of watery techniques.

For the next step I applied the watercolour with only a small amount of water because I wanted solid colours.  Before you continue further you must wait for the paper to dry.

Then I used two methods for cutting the paper. First I used a whole punch (like the one you see below) for the biggest circles, and for the small ones I folded the paper and start to cut with scissors in a circular shape (the folding was for being faster).

Then for putting it all together, I sewed the two parts of my character by the sides. Then I cut a line on one side of it for making the hole, which would be the place where all the confetti will come out and then I stuffed it with the confetti. Then with a contrasting color sewed it loosely.

Then I pasted the character onto the brown paper background, and added more confetti. I went for that paper because the character was going to play at the beach, so I needed sand.

After pasting I added the other elements (the ball and the bucket) and took a picture of it finished. (If you do collage and you like how the multiple layers stand out from each other is better to take a picture to register your piece rather than scan it as most of the time you lose the lights and shadows you achieved when scanning.

Lastly in Photoshop I applied some yellow light to the background in order to give it a sunny feeling. Then it is complete.

Crop, then it is complete.

Ana Karen San Emeterio