Wednesday, 16 July 2014

natalie's picks - week 28: FEATHER

This week was Feather, wow how far our journey has come. I would just like to thank Tania, Nicky and Odette for this opportunity, and mostly my fellow 52s.Without you, this wonderful community  wouldn't have thrived like it has.

I am the kind of person who looks for the beauty in everything so I am sure you can understand how hard a task this has been, especially with our little group growing so quickly.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful selection of works which resonated with me for all kinds of reasons. It is such a pleasure to be amongst your beautiful art- inspiring others and myself each and every day.


Kate Bouman
Kim Bergstrom
Anita Howard
Julie Delves
Yvonne Mes
Lyn Lewis
Mandy Foot

Tracey Read
Tiffany Tregenza
Mel Gannon
Vicky Pratt
Anita Layzell
Leonie Cheetam
Lisa-Marie Kerr
Kathe Hennessy
 Mia (7)
Anita Gadazinska

Suzy Houghton
Nicky Johnston
Vicky Pratt
Maree Healey
Tania McCartney
Damiem Thomasz
Odette Teerink

Jessica Guthrie
Judy Watson
Adrian Saich
Judy Watson
Rowan Ferguson
Mel Gannon

Anne Trott
Karen Erasmus

Kristen Okeeffe
Matilda (5) & Rebecca Webb
Heidi Cooper
Vair Buchanan
Grace Bryant
Robert J Leaso-Cobb
Jess Racklyeft
Kayleen West
Skye Robertson
Manda Gillespie
Trish Davis

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