Wednesday, 23 July 2014

odette's picks - week 29: PLANE

…and, in the very same week no less, the tragic loss of 298 passengers and crew on Flight MH17 in Ukraine. It is quite unfathomable that such an event would unfold right at the time when we were all illustrating planes. 

The warmth and strength of our little illustrating group shone brighter then ever this week.

Out of respect and care some of you presented artwork that paid condolences and warm tribute to those lost, which gave us all a chance to reflect on the tragedy. It was equally nice that group members continued to post general plane images, which provided us, as artists and humanitarians, with a cathartic way to work through and process the event.

I find myself still thinking about the families and friends, of those unjustly gone, forced to deal with these shocking circumstances. And although there is very little anyone can say to take their pain away we have felt the sorrow, anger and heartbreak with them. The beautiful images presented in our group were a testament to that.

This is my first time picking out illustrations for the challenge. It is a very difficult thing to do. I see so much talent, creativity and light in all of the posts this week so I have chosen images that seemed to invoke the most from within me. Believe me though when I say I loved each and every one of them.

I am feeling very grateful for this little pocket of goodness that we call 52WeekIllo. 

Sending out love and light to all of you (and your loved ones)at this time of global reflection.

Odette. xx

Annabel Kennedy

Melissa Tan

Sally-May Lott and Master N, age 8

Jane Barndon

Vicky Pratt

Tiffany Tregenza

Stuart Ingram

Skye Robertson

Hannah Grace

Richelle Sanders

Jen Barton

Anita Gadzińska

Penny Fisher

Natalie Daniel

Margaret Dewar

Mandy Gillespie

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Leonie Cheetham

Kristen Okeeffe

Kathe Hennessy

Alison Smallwood

Anita Howard

Diane McWhirter

Annette Fleming

Penny Fisher

Jo Dickson

An amazing week of illustrations everyone. I am looking forward to seeing your inspirational Sydney images this week. Happy illustrating!
:) Odette xx

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  1. Just wanted to note the one accredited to me, was mostly the fine work of Master N.Lott age 8. :-)
    We're both rather excited - thank you!


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