Wednesday, 22 June 2016

penelope‎'s picks - week 24: BIRTHDAY

Who doesn't adore birthdays? Balloons and cake. Confetti and bunting. The magic of wishes as they float off accompanied by the smell of candle smoke. I love that we make wishes on birthdays that we hope will come true. I love that Birthday week has bought so many smiles and heartwarming gifts in the form of your beautiful work. So to all of you who are celebrating a birthday - 'Happy Birthday' - and for those of you who aren't - Happy Merry Unbirthday to you too - because everyday should celebrate the wonder that is you.

Paul Tippett
Becky Lazarević‎
Anita Gadzińska‎
Kornél Rátkai‎
Adam Wolf
Alfonso Lourido‎
Clara Cook‎
Peter Papamanolis‎
Pete age 5
Ivan Smith‎
Nicky Johnston‎
Kerrie Robertson‎
Jennifer H. Kong‎
Tanja Hilgers‎
Tania McCartney‎
Jenni Marie Webb‎
Sanna Sillanpää‎
Zanni Louise‎
Izabela Ward‎
Birgitta Eriksson‎

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