Wednesday, 8 June 2016

ian's picks - week 22: SCIENCE

Hypothesis: It will be extremely difficult to only pick a few handfuls of artworks this week.

Method: Hi everyone, Ian McLean here - on the stroke of “Ian o’clock” - to bring you my faves for Science Week. Thank you to the Challenge team for trusting me with this very important task. I think I predicted a few subjects, others made me very jealous that I hadn’t thought of them, and there were also a few “Eureka” moments as artists came up with some wonderful, unexpected innovations and discoveries. 

Result: Clever science buffs with such arty DNA, all of you. Yes, in theory my task was difficult, but I had a (plasma) ball. So many styles, media, energy and ideas! Enjoy!


Ian McLean

Gary Dadd

Geni Saunders

Ivan Smith

Janet Murphy

Jolanda Jarman

Kath Ellison

Katharine Harper

Kayleigh Van IJzendoorn

Lisa Jones

Margaret Dewar

Matt Glover

Melissa Johns

Pete Chiappinell

Ryan Age 10

Viki Lea Stokes

Austen Gorden

Bruno Clement


  1. What a great post - I love what Ian has written!
    (And I really was stunned to see my own in there - thank you)


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