Wednesday, 15 June 2016

natalie's picks - week 23: ZOO

I have missed contributing to the challenge so much this year and was so excited to be doing the picks for Zoo this week. Here are just some of the picks that resonated the most with me I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Thank you all for continuing to inspire me with your wonderful imaginations and creativity.



Ája Papája

Andrea England

Aoede Pando

Clara Crook

Claudia Coudert

Demelsa Haughton

Elizabeth Kelly

Emma Kaufmann

Gary Dadd

Ivan Smith

Joanne Stead

Jolanda Jarman

Joshua Hurtado

Joyee Neogi

Katharine Harper

Mandy Wings

Margaret Dewar

Melissa Dabkowski Agreta

Melissa Tan

Nicky Johnston

Peter Hinton

Philippa Cleall

Shaney Hyde

Steffi Jendrysik
Peter Papamanolis

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