Wednesday, 29 June 2016

cara's picks - week 25: INVENTION

I am very excited to be asked to select this weeks “invention” picks. Not only have I learnt so much, I’ve also been delighted with the images and the concepts that have appeared on the wall.
And as Peter Hintons says; without Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of this World Wide Web (where we share our creative delights) we never would have met!
What an inventive week!  These are some of the picks, out of the many, that have sparked curiosity and enjoyment with me this week.  Thank you all for sharing yours.
Cara King
Annette Fleming

Peter Papamanolis
Akemi Ito

Austen Gorden

Danny Zemp

Jolanda Jarman

Laura Stratta

Penelope's Nest

Peter Hinton

Anita Gadzinska

Ivan Smith

Janet Murphy

Joanne Stead

Leonie Cheetham



Matt Glover

Sue Rawlinson


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