Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Trish's picks - week 2: OUTDOORS

Firstly I would just like to start by saying this is the first week I REALLY didn't want to do the picks. The amount of artwork that I liked this week was seriously out of control, so having to choose a few was nearly impossible. THANK YOU all for posting such great work. I pretty much loved everything I saw...
So, here goes...

Anita Gadzińska‎

Demelsa Haughton

Alina Iftime

Amy Louise Ruane

Paul Heppell

Joanne Stead

Aya Ishida

Peter Papamanolis

Richelle Sanders

Penny Lonie

Cam Starcevich

Cara King

Chrystal Rankin

Jolanda Jarman

Kelly Newman

Kirsty Collett

Lex McKay

Paloma Hodgins

Robyn Nadolny

Sally Fawcett

Sarah Epstein

Toni Fanali

Vaughan Duck

Michelle Varga

Dawn Treacher

Nicky Johnston

Julie StAubyn

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Det Tidkun‎

Tracey Read

Debbie O'Connor

Alison Smallwood

Karen Balsar

Kevin Hoult

Helene Schnirring

Erin Johnson

Melissa Dabkowski Agresta

Amie Sabadin

Laura Stitzel

Marika Michelazzi

Cherie Altea Bitanga

Sarah Ackland

Heidi Cooper Smith

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  1. Great!!. I'm really enjoying with this challenge and it's lovely to see the illustrations in one entrance. Thanks a lot for your work!!.


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