Wednesday, 6 January 2016

lisa-marie's picks - week 52: WORLD

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016.

What an amazing year it has been, and how appropriate we end with "World" as a theme. It is fitting because like me, I know this challenge community means the world to so many people around the world.

It has changed lives, open doors for people where before there were no doors, brought people together, expanded hearts and the list goes on.

How lucky are we to have this creative world that nurtures our talents and spirits.

Here are some of the illustrations that spoke to me personally this week. 

Anne L-y So

Belladonna Raudvee

Elin (4)

Ella Hayward

Jo Freitag

Joanne Stead

Leonie Cheetham

Luis David Lopez

Nicky Johnston

Patricia Ward

Peter Hinton

Prue Pittock

Tanja Hilgers

Vanessa Pritchard

Jess Racklyeft
Janet Murphy

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