Friday, 1 January 2016

ANNOUNCING: Our 2016 Challenge Logo winner!

We are delighted to announce our Logo winner for 2016. Congratulations go to ...

... for her amazing logo, which so beautifully personifies what the Challenge is all about!

Winning Logo by Jess Racklyeft

Biggest congrats, Jess!

Jess's work will be featured on all Challenge websites throughout 2016. You will be able to purchase this year's logo on bags, mugs and notebooks HERE and badges and magnets HERE from 5 January 2016.

Thank you to everyone who entered our logo comp for 2016. We were overwhelmed with the amount and calibre of entries--you made it a tough decision for Nicky and me!

And now--onto 2016. We're thrilled to continue on with the Challenge--our third year running!--with talented author/illustrator Nicky Johnston as Creative Director for the second time, and with our fabulous admin team ...

Lisa-Marie Kerr
Leonie Cheetham
Sophie Pittaway
Sally Fawcett
Penny Fisher
Jess Racklyeft
Heidi Cooper
Patricia Ward
Natalie Daniel
Kim Bergstrom

... and me, Challenge-Founder-At-Large, Tania McCartney.

If you would like to become a Challenge member, head to our official Challenge Facebook group right HERE (you need to request to join) and you can also see our Community Page, where members are welcome to post and network, right HERE.

Here's to a sensationally arty 2016 and to our amazing 52-Week Illustration Challenge. May it continue to be a supportive, creative and divine space for many years to come!


A Note from Jess Racklyeft

Jess Racklyeft - 2016 logo winner

I have always dabbled in illustration, but it took until my first year of maternity leave to say 'righto, if I've ever going to make a career of this, now is the time!' I went crazy--working on anything I could get my hands on, and by the end of the year, I realised I could do it if I worked as hard as I could possibly could.

And I have. It's been almost four years--cramming projects around raising (now two) kiddies--and I've now got three books being released next year, I'm selling portraits on Etsy, and completing client projects and card designs on the go. I’m loving it, and working harder than I ever had before (happily)!

The Challenge has been such a great weekly ritual for me, and I've built a big variety of work I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s lead to amazing opportunities, most excitingly my first picture book which is due for release in February 2016 (written by Challenge founder Tania McCartney). I love the camaraderie and talent of the Challenge, and the support of other members which is so unusual really for an online world--a testament to Nicky and Tania’s work.

In 2016, I’d like to try my hand at creating a series of board books as well as some great art projects ... and keep building my work and illustration opportunities. I'd also like to learn how to balance this with a busy life with two kidlets!

I was so thrilled and honoured to have had my logo selected. The entries were outstanding, with so many great designs to choose from. 

You can find Jess online:




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