Wednesday, 13 January 2016

sally's picks - week 1: FANCY DRESS

Wow!  What a way to start the year!!! Welcome to all the new members.  I have loved seeing all the fresh talent and styles being displayed, along with all the old favourites.  Here are my picks for the week.  The weekly picks are not chosen because they are the 'best' instead they are chosen for the personal response, the chooser (me this week) has to them.  There is a different admin person choosing the weekly picks each week.  We all know art is subjective and there were many, many more brilliant pieces that may have been other people's favourites.  These are the ones that resonated with me.  PS:  There were a few others I would have liked to include, but due to them being a little dark I have left them out.  Please ensure you lighten your work so it looks absolutely, gorgeously brilliant!
Sal x

Izabela Ward

Rachel Lyall

Leonie Cheetham

Alina Ftime

CL Christian

Ian Shou

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Tanja Hilgers

Ashleigh O'Lynn

Danny Zemp

Eleni Konstantine

Ilaria Musazzi

Joni Russell

Margaret Dewar

Marie Charrois

Marti Lucia Gi

Nicky Johnston

Sophia Tsorbaris

Sophie Pittaway

Yvonne Mes

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  1. I'm so honoured to be selected with these beautiful works. Thank you.


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