Wednesday, 11 November 2015

sophie's picks - week 44: SCANDINAVIAN

Scandinavian. What does it mean?

The first thing that comes to my mind of course, are the people who live in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and everything that encompasses.

When I think of Scandinavian style, I think of design, simplicity and natural elements.

As you will see in the following illustrations, the theme Scandinavian is both vast and varied.
I loved seeing all of your creations. Here are a few that resonated with me personally!


Peter Hinton

Demelsa Haughton
Patricia Ward

Leonie Cheetham
Nicky Johnston

Lex McKay

Melissa Tan

Marie Laure Fontan

Tania McCartney

Karen Allen

Jolanda Jarman

Janet Murphy

Chris Kennett

Jess Racklyeft
Jason Philp

Irina Zatica Trzaskos

Alisha Caitlin

Oliver age 6

Gary Dadd
Richelle Sanders
Misha Leigh

Cherie Altea Bitanga

Rachèle Rebetez
Belladonna Raudvee

Sarah Hart

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