Monday, 16 November 2015

meet challenge member: Birgitta Eriksson

Birgitta Eriksson

1. Your name, location
Birgitta Eriksson, Uppsala, Sweden

2. Describe your family
I’m lucky to have a wonderful, calm, clever and handy husband, Jonas, with whom I have two gorgeous offsprings; Alice 10, who loves to sing, read and be close to me, and Felix 6 3/4, who loves soccer, maths and chocolate ice cream. He’s also given me a lovely bonus daughter, Victoria, who’s now 18(!). She’s wise, brave and into movies and her boyfriend…
By Birgitta Eriksson

3. Describe your work
I am a chemical engineer and work as a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry, running investment projects for process and product development. Working in teams is a great part of my job, and I love reaching a milestone on time and at the right budget and quality!
By Birgitta Eriksson

4. What is your career goal?
Being able to combine engineering and arts – either by doing both part time, or by combining the two.

by Birgitta Eriksson

5. Describe your art background
Drawing used to be my hobby as a kid, and my favourite subject in school but swimming and studying had higher priority when in college/at university. I have no art education but found my way back to my creative side through the 52-week illustration challenge in May 2014. I have posted every week since then, with one exception, which proves my goal orientation and how much I love the challenge.
By Birgitta Eriksson

6. What do you love about the Challenge? What have you learned?
Oh, there is so much to love! Participating has been energizing, inspiring and uplifting from my first view of the challenge until now. I love how the challenge fills my life with colour and how nice and supportive the community is thanks to the standard Tania has set and all Aussies (and other members) have cherished. I love the art swaps that I have participated in and the fact that I have made new friends across the globe – all sharing the same interest. I have learned that through dedication I continue to develop my art, to the point that I’m now starting to formulate my vision on how to be an artist as part of my occupation in the future.
By Birgitta Eriksson

7. What is your favourite illustration you have done for the challenge so far?
Impossible to choose, so I’ve picked two with the excuse that I am a gemini and cannot make up my mind… first the one I did for fabric week, as I think it shows the progress I have made and secondly the octopus I made for calendar week as it is very important to me.

By Birgitta Eriksson

8. Tell us something that we don’t know about you
I’m left handed, and apart from art I love singing, photography and anything lime green. (The house that I and my husband designed has white panel and windowsills coloured after the shell of a lime fruit… potentially it reasons extra with me as I vividly remember picking a lime from a bush and eating it for the first time when I lived in Brisbane in 1998)

By Birgitta Eriksson

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