Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas ART AUCTION List

What a wonderful response we have had from Challenge members who have their originals and prints to be available for purchase.

What a great way to do some Christmas shopping!

We have listed all artworks in photo albums for each artist on the 52-Week Illustration Challenge Facebook Page photo album tab.

AUCTION IS LIVE - 8pm Sunday 22nd Nov - 8pm Sunday 29th Nov 

Tania McCartney (Founder) - HERE

Nicky Johnston (Director) - HERE

Sophie Pittaway - HERE

Sally Fawcett - HERE

Heidi Cooper - HERE

Patricia Ward - HERE

Leonie Cheetham - HERE

Penny Fisher - HERE

Melissa Tan - HERE

Amanda Hunt - HERE

Karen Allen - HERE

Jolanda Jarman - HERE

Suzanne Houghton - HERE

Katherine Appleby - HERE

Aska - HERE

Marjory Gardner - HERE

Belladonna Raudvee - HERE

Joanne Stead - HERE

Sarah Hart - HERE

Bronwyn Boniface - HERE

Belladonna Rauvee - HERE

Lucie Mammone - HERE

Kim Fleming - HERE

Cara King - HERE

Birgitta Eriksson - HERE

Michele Kempees - HERE

Jo Dickson - HERE

Vanessa Pritchard - HERE

Thank you to all who have been involved and HAPPY BIDDING!

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