Monday, 2 November 2015

meet challenge member: Cherie A Bitanga

Cherie A. Bitanga

1. Your name, location
My name is Cherie A. Bitanga and sunny Singapore is the place I call home for almost 5 years now.
Week 26 2014: CLOUDS by Cherie A Bitanga

2. Describe your family
I am married to someone who was supposed to be my senior prom date (this deserves a separate post altogether!) and we live with our canine friend Jones, a little white dog who appears in many of my drawings.  Although I grew up with artistic and creative people, I am the first in our family to work as a professional artist.

Week 11 2015: GREEN by Cherie A Bitanga

3. Describe your work
For illustrations, I love making vintage, colourful patterns and drawing squiggly line work with the occasional handwritten text.
For paintings, I love getting messy with acrylic/mixed-media on large canvas panels. More often than not, the acrylic paintings look nothing like my illustrated work except for the colors.
To sum up my work in one word: imperfect.
Week 27 2014: SNOW by Cherie A Bitanga

4. What is your career goal?
Short-term goal: to finish twelve paintings for a gallery show early next year, something I’ve put on hold for a decade.  Long-term goal: continue to create art for exhibits and designs for licensing.
Week 14 2015: WHIMSY by Cherie A Bitanga

5. Describe your art background
I have none.  I am self-taught but have been drawing and painting ever since. My first art class was in 2006 for a pottery class.  In 1992, I missed my chance at a Fine Arts degree when I confused dates and forgot to show up for the entrance exam at our state university.

In 2002, two artists saw my work scattered around the house.  They nudged, pushed, shoved and mentored me until I took it seriously.  By 2003, I had my first exhibit in a bistro and another restaurant show in 2004. Eventually, I earned the blessing of collectors who go out of their way to find up-and-coming artists to support and did a number of commission work.

2007, stopped making art when struck by massive creative block. I stayed stuck for 5 solid years.
By 2012, the dry spell ended. I discovered a thriving online blogging community of creative souls on WordPress.  When I began to post my early attempts, a first in years, I was encouraged by the feedback from artists, poets, and crafters.  Soon after, I reopened my Etsy shop once again.

Week 6 2015: KITCHEN by Cherie A Bitanga

6. What do you love about the Challenge? 
I think of the Challenge as a fairy godmother who waved her wand because everything changed magically! It allowed me to reinvent and completely overhaul what was once an inactive career.
Joining the Challenge cultivated a solid work routine and habit. It wasn’t me who noticed it but friends on social media who observed the significant evolution of my art since I joined the community.  The emotions in my work now show depth and tell a story.  I’ve also started exploring new techniques, medium and new colors.  It was also because of this that I embraced my art for all its imperfect glory. In other words, I love everything and everyone in the Challenge community!
Week 31 2014: LINES by Cherie A Bitanga

7. What is your favourite illustration you have done for the challenge so far?
The drawing for Week 3 RETRO is my favourite.

Week 3 2015: RETRO by Cherie A Bitanga

8. Tell us something that we don’t know about you
I like eating only the outer ends of a burrito and shawarma. I love everything food.

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