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challenge christmas art auction

Christmas Art Auction 2015

Would you like to buy or sell some of the amazing artwork that’s been posted to the 52-Week Illustration Challenge wall? We are running a 52-week Illustration Challenge CHRISTMAS ART AUCTION on the Challenge FB PAGE. (

This is a truly fabulous opportunity for Challenge members to sell their artwork from the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, and also purchase other member’s artworks. Please note: the items sold are strictly works that have been posted to theme (including any bonus themes) on the Challenge Wall any time during 2014 or 2015. Other artworks are not to be sold. If you wish to sell other non-Challenge artworks to your buyer, that’s okay so long as it is done privately.


Artworks for sale may be originals or prints but MUST BE SOLD AND POSTED UNFRAMED. Matting is optional. You might like to check with your buyer first if they would even like matting.

Detailed descriptions of the illustration should be included, along with a photo. Size should be clearly stated, along with approximate postage charges, and whether the artwork would  be sent flat or in a roll. See below for more info on what you need to include in the listing.

If original artwork, the medium should be stated. If a print, the type of printing (giclée or standard Office Works print) should be stated, along with any limited edition information. Providing a limited edition certificate is optional.

All payments and postage charges will be communicated solely between the buyer and seller, the Facebook Page is simply a place to list and monitor the ‘for sale artworks’.

This is open to all Challenge members worldwide. We recommend contacting each artist for approximate postage charges during the viewing week (the week prior to the commencement of the sale) so you’re aware of how much postage you’ll be paying, especially if buying from an overseas seller.

The CHRISTMAS ART AUCTION will be available for viewing from Wednesday 18th November – Sunday 22nd November.

The SALE will be open for purchasing from 8pm Sunday 22nd November to 8pm Sunday 29th November. This is all Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Sydney time).


Simply write AU$ amount you would like to bid in the comments underneath the artwork photo. Members can outbid each other by placing a higher $ amount in the comments, but each increase should be a minimum of $1. Increments less than $1 will be void. The final amount bid before the sale’s end will be the winning bidder, and The SELLER will then communicate directly with the WINNING BIDDER regarding payment and postage details, by private FB message or email. Bids placed after 8pm on Sunday 29 November will be void.

Illustrations may be original or prints – but this should be clearly specified in the Item Description.

There is an admin listing fee of AU$10 for 1-3 pieces, with additional artworks at $2 per item. There will NOT be any commission charged on the sale price of artworks. This listing fee is to cover the time invested in running this amazing sale for members.

Please read our FAQs for more information on buying. If you then have any further questions, do be in touch.


Each artwork MUST have the following information. Email to 52weekchallenge(AT) before midnight on Sunday 15th November, AEDST.

I will include this info with every artwork photo. Quality JPEG of illustration (cropped and lightened)

- Title of artwork:

- Challenge week, theme and year:

- Name of artist:

- Bidding start price:
(We strongly recommend that you set your start price at the lowest price you are willing to receive for your artwork. We regret we cannot advise members on what price they should set.)

- Size dimension of illustration:

- Mediums: 
(eg: watercolour, ink, oils, giclée print, Office Works print, etc)

- Willing to send overseas or domestic only:

- Postage estimate (domestic only): 
(Australians can work out domestic charges here: International sellers can work out domestic charges through their own postal carrier. Remember that all items must be sent in a way that will not damage the artwork, so you should also factor in the weight of strong card. International postage calculations are not required for the listing—these can be provided to international buyers directly if and when they inquire—either by commenting on the post, or via PM)

- Preferred payment method/s: 
(Remember to offer options for international buyers (like PayPal) if you will send overseas)

- OPTIONAL: a description of the artwork or a story behind it:
- Preferred email address: (This will not be shared publicly)

There is no limit on the number of items listed, however, we do ask that you to spend time going over ALL the artworks you’d like to sell, and send in the listing information IN ONE LOT. If you later decide you’d like to add more artworks, another $10 initial listing fee will apply for 1 – 3 artworks, with $2 per artwork thereafter.

Once you have your catalogue of auction items, email the above to Nicky and send payment AT THE SAME TIME to PayPal account  - 52weekchallenge(AT) .

There is no need to email us with a receipt—PayPal automatically emails a notification of payment so we will know you have paid. We regret we cannot accept any other forms of payment. A PayPal account takes minutes to open, is largely fee-free and is an absolute must for anyone who would like to transfer money or pay for items or sell items in a safe manner, worldwide.

Once the auction has ended (8pm, Sunday 29th November), you will make contact with the highest bidder to organise payment and postage.

If there was a bidding war close to auction end, you should ensure the final bid was posted BEFORE 8pm, AEDST, on Sunday 29th November. To do this, hover your mouse over the winning bidder’s comment, specifically over the time they posted (eg: 2 mins, 4 mins, etc) and check that the bid was posted before auction end. Please note: this will only work on a PC; if you do not have a PC, ask a friend or admin to check for you.

Please read our FAQs for more information on selling. If you then have any further questions, do be in touch.


By listing your work in this CHRISTMAS ART AUCTION, you agree to the following terms and conditions.
1. Your artwork is your own and doesn’t infringe on any copyright or trademark. It is original or a quality print.
2. Your artwork has been previously posted to the Challenge wall as part of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge.
3. The artwork info you provide Challenge admin is accurate.
4. The seller is responsible for honouring the sale and posting the artwork within a week of receiving payment.
5. The buyer is responsible for honouring the sale and paying the seller within a week of purchase.
6. The 52-Week Challenge takes no responsibility for unpaid items or lost or damaged artworks. This will remain the responsibility for both the buyer and the seller and we regret that we cannot act as an intermediary at any time.
7. We regret that we cannot advise what members should charge for their artwork.


ORIGINAL artwork
The original artwork is traditionally created. It is either the original hand drawn, painted, inked, penciled, collaged piece of work. Usually a higher end price because it is a one off orginal piece of art.

GICLEE print
Giclée has come to be associated with particular types of inkjet printing including processes that use fade-resistant, archival inks (pigment-based), and archival substrates primarily produced on Canon, Epson, HP and other large-format printers. They are quite expensive to produce which is why they cost more to purchase.

Limited edition means that there are only a certain number of prints created. (Edition quantity decided by the artist) Usually a Giclée print, it is identical to the original and signed, dated along with its edition number. Example: if the Limited Edition print is 30, then each of the prints will have 1/30, 2/30, 3/30 etc... Once this quantity has been sold, no further prints will be produced, making it second to buying an original.

REGULAR prints (eg: Officeworks)
These prints are done on regular printers and are not guaranteed to be archival inks. They may fade over time. They are quite inexpensive to create.


When does the SALE start?
The sale will commence 8pm Sunday 22nd November. It will end 8pm Sunday 29th November. All times are AEDST – Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Sydney time). There will be a week of pre-sale viewing from the 18th to the 22nd.

What currency is the SALE listed in?
All prices are listed in Australian dollars (AU$).

How can I find out the postage of the artwork?
If the postage isn’t listed by the Seller, send them a message with your postcode (Australian) or country and they can let you know.


When do I have to send my artwork photo and description?
All jpegs and item description must be emailed before or on Sunday 15th November. Please email Nicky with description details 52weekchallenge(at)nickyjohnston(dot)com(dot)au and make payment to PayPal to the same email address AT THE SAME TIME.

Do I need to take new photo of my illustration?
No, you can use your photo that you uploaded on the Challenge wall.

Can I sell artwork not done for the Challenge?
No. This sale is ONLY for artwork created for the Challenge themes 2014 or 2015 (including bonus themes).

How do I work out the postage costs?
You will need to know the size and weight dimensions of the envelope or tube you plan to use. Remember that all items must be sent in a way that will not damage the artwork, so you should also factor in the weight of strong card.

Add the relevant information about your parcel and it will give you postage options.

A large letter maximum size:
Length 360mm
Width 260mm
Thickness 20mm
Weight: less than 500gm
Anywhere in Australia $3.50

Buyer is to pay for postage. We highly recommend registered post for tracking purposes.

How do I know when my item has SOLD?
You will be responsible for following your own sales on the Challenge Facebook page. Once a buyer has placed a bid in the comments field, you will need to contact the highest bidder to notify them of the sale. If there was a bidding war close to auction end, you should ensure the final bid was posted BEFORE 8pm, AEDST, on Sunday 29th November. To do this, hover your mouse over the winning bidder’s comment, specifically over the time they posted (eg: 2 mins, 4 mins, etc) and check that the bid was posted before auction end. Please note: this will only work on a PC; if you do not have a PC, ask a friend or admin to check for you.

You will then be required to private message the buyer and sort out payment options (whatever suits you both) and artwork delivery. Challenge admin will not be responsible for purchasing transactions or postal issues, and cannot act as an intermediary at any time.

When do I send my artwork?
You can send your artwork once payment has been received. Please do this as soon as possible, and at the latest within one week of receiving payment. Remember, it may be wanted for a Christmas gift.

How will I get paid?
You can discuss best options with the buyer. We recommend either bank transfer (if in Australia) or using a Paypal account. (There will be nominal fees associated with receiving a PayPal payment, however the payment is instant and can convert international currencies.)

What if my artwork doesn’t sell?
You don’t have to organise anything. If you are worried that the artwork won’t receive any bids and you are willing to lower the price during the auction process, do be in touch with admin and we can do that for you. We do strongly recommend that you have a start price close to the amount you’d like to receive.

What if someone wins the artwork and then decides they don’t want it, or what if I never hear from them at all?
Give your buyer three days to be in touch. If they fail, you can offer it to the next highest bidder. Be sure to message the person to let them know before doing this. If someone decides they no longer want the work, you can also offer it to next highest bidder. Please note that no listing fees can be refunded if the item doesn’t sell.

Will I get my listing fee back if the item doesn’t sell?
No. This fee covers the considerable preparation, administration and time spent organising and listing your item.

Can I add some artwork after the due date?
No. All artworks to be listed in the CHRISTMAS ART SALE must be received by Sunday 15th November.

Can I withdraw the artwork from the SALE? (if it has been sold elsewhere)
No. This artwork needs to be available for the length of the sale. Please don’t list elsewhere. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to withdraw the artwork, please be in touch with admin, but remember no listing fees will be refunded.


When can I start bidding?
Shopping will start at 8pm Sunday 22nd November. We will post START SHOPPING on the Challenge Facebook Page and Challenge Wall to remind everyone that the sale has begun. Make a note of the end time so you don’t miss out—8pm, Sunday 29th November, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I want an artwork. What do I do?                                                                                     
Place your highest bid in the comments. You are welcome to place more than one bid on any item, or increase your current bid, right up until the end of the auction on the 29th.

How do I know if I’ve won?
If you are the highest bidder at auction end, you will be the successful buyer of the artwork. Once the auction has finished, the buyer will private message you via Facebook, or you can begin communication. YOU MUST ENSURE YOUR WINNING BID IS ENTERED BEFORE AUCTION END, midnight, Sunday 29th November, AEDST. Bids placed 8.01pm and after are void.

Buyers should respond to their seller within three days of auction end. If they fail to be in touch at all within this time, the seller has the right to offer it to the next highest bidder.

What if I win the artwork and then decide I don’t want it?
We suggest bidding carefully, as this will be a huge disappointment to any seller. If you genuinely can no longer buy the item, be in touch with your seller ASAP to let them know. Buyers should be in touch with their seller within three days of auction end. If they fail to be in touch at all within this time, the seller has the right to offer it to the next highest bidder.

How do I know how much postage will be?
If the postage charges are not listed in the artwork details, contact the seller PRIOR to the sale to confirm what the postage will be. International postage will vary greatly depending on weight and size of artwork as well as country of destination.
Postage costs will be paid for by the BUYER.

How do I pay for the artwork?
All prices will be listed in AU$. Buyer and seller will need to agree on method of payment.

What if my parcel is lost?
We highly recommend that you pay for registered post for tracking and signing of the parcel. We regret that Challenge admin cannot be responsible for missing artwork, and cannot act as intermediaries at any time.

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