Thursday, 2 October 2014

trish's picks - week 39: WORDS

What an amazing week. I have loved ALL of the words posts.

I love words… the way certain letters go together, sometimes rolling into each other, sometimes standing in opposition. I love the interpretations and representations of them this week -  the way people have included them into works and the ones that have turned words themselves into works of art. It has been brilliant.

Here are some, but not all of the pieces that I loved.


Sally Fawcett
Lisa-Marie Kerr

Nicky Johnston
Odette Teerink
Rachel Hardman
Skye Robertson
Vanessa Pritchard
Vicky Pratt
Ani Ross
Bettina Dodson
Bronny Boniface
Caroline Peters
Damien Thomasz

Jessica Gutherie
Judy Watson
Kate Bouman
Katrin Dreiling
Lucie Mammone
Tania McCartney
Gwynne McGinley
Kristen Okeffe
Natalie Daniel
Dana Haigh
Hayley Alkinson
Liz Annelli
Sarah Epstein
Tiffany Tegenza
Vair Buchanan
Margaret Dewar
Miriam Shillling
Stuart Ingram
Diane McWhirter
Patricia Ward

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