Friday, 3 October 2014

learn: Spray Painting Techniques with Vanessa Pritchard

Step 1
Using a canvas I start by painting the sky, sunset or landscape. I use acrylic for this as it need to be quite strong and to stay put for the next few stages. This paint needs to be bone dry before continuing with the next step.

Step 2
Out on the lawn I have spray paints (silver, gold and white) as well as a spray bottle of diluted white and a full spray bottle of water.

Step 3
I spray the whole canvas with water then for this particular piece I proceeded to spray silver and white spray paint. (Sometimes for warmer tones warmer landscapes or a sunset). This is to give the effect of clouds/snow. If there is too much spray in an area, spray more water onto it.

I love how organic this process is, and even on a windy day, the spray paint moves round on the layer of water. I never really know the final result until it dries. Leave the canvas totally flat until it is dry.

NOTE: too much water and spray paint can dry to be very textured (like in this picture). I had to sand it back before painting the cat.

Step 4
This is my favourite part of the process. Painting the background darker, using the organic shapes left by the spraying. Here I used watercolour pencils, for the clouds I used white acrylic paint using a small slanted brush.

Sometimes if the canvas is ever so slightly damp, the watercolour pencils blend easily. Rubbing a damp cloth can also be used to take off some of the spray. If I use a lead pencil, I dampen it so I'm not left with a pencil sheen.

Step 5
Now now ready to paint the little characters onto the canvas. I usually place a pencil drawing (cut out) to position the animals then trace the shape. Using a variety of mediums such as house paint, acrylics, pens and pencils I add the finishing details.

Finished Artwork by Vanessa Pritchard

My artworks are often inspired by my family. I am one of triplets, and exactly two years ago I lost my sister, my best friend and my life companion to ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (In Australia it is commonly known as MND Motor Neuron Disease) so this art piece for 'Words' theme was dedicated to her.

Vanessa Pritchard :)

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