Wednesday, 15 October 2014

nicky's picks - Week 41: BLACK + WHITE

This week's theme 'Black and White' provided me with full seven days of fabulous artworks appearing on my Facebook news feed. Not only were the concepts all so varied, the choices of mediums people have chose to use were also. It is so wonderful to be able to share the art pieces that I immediately connected with.

Nicky x

Adrian Saich
Bettina Dodson

Dave Chivers

Deb Shewan

Greg Tsiatis

Jacqui Griffiths - Caylah (9)

Jane Barndon

Jemma Phillips

Jessica Guthrie

Judy Watson

Judy Watson

Leonie Cheetham

Lisa Laws - Catherine (9)

Melissa Tan

Meredith Burke

Paul Heppell

Richard Caladine

Tania Andrade

Tania McCartney

Tracey Lennon

Vair Buchanan
Claire Weignall

Craig Sanders

Damian Thomasz

Jessica Guthrie

Richelle Sanders

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