Wednesday, 22 October 2014

natalie's picks - week 42: UNDER THE SEA

I was so excited for this weeks theme under the sea, I grew up near the ocean and miss it dearly- I think a trip to the beach is long over due.

Thank you all for the beautiful colours, techniques and characters which filled my wall this week they made my picks a challenge and a joy.


Alison Smallwood
Alexandra Lee
Ann Abraham
Christen Screeche-Powell
Claudia Matz
Grace Byrant
Diane McWhirter
Damien Thomasz
Diana Haigh
Ian McLean
Jack (4)
Jane Barndon
Janet Murphy
Jemma Philips
Jessica Guthrie
Leonie Cheetham
Lisa-Marie Kerr
Marla Lesage
Mel Gannon
Nicky Johnston
Rachel Hardman
Rowan Ferguson
Sally Fawcett
Sheree Kennington
Skye Roberston
Stuart Ingram
Suzy Houghton
Tania Andrade
Vanessa Pritchard
Sally Fawcett
Diane McWhirther
Richelle Sanders
Kylie Box
Dee White
Nicky Johnston
Aura Parker
Tania McCartney

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