Wednesday, 8 October 2014

tania's picks - week 40: ABSTRACT

What a surreal week! For something so unstructured, ABSTRACT week was mighty hard to define, and difficult to do! Being quite an 'exact' illustrator, I know I struggled to allow my work to take hold ... probably the only way abstract work can truly shine.

I was, as always, utterly impressed by Challenge members' art, though--what an eclectic mix of styles and interpretation. I absolutely loved it. Here are just some of my picks from this past week--and there are many, many more on the Facebook Group wall. Take a look!

Ana Karen San

Annette Fleming

Bettina Dodson

Bronny Boniface

Charlotte Dixon

Cherie Altea Bitanga

Diane McWhirter

Emily, age 1

Grace, age 7

Grace Bryant

Jacque Duffy

Jacqui Griffiths

Janet Murphy

Jess Racklyeft

Jessica Guthrie

Kristy Teal

Kylie Box

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Margaret Dewar

Matilda, ages 5

Mia, age 8

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Noemie Pigeon

Oliver, age 5

Patricia Ward

Rachel Hardman

Ramona Davey

Rebecca Webb

Skye Robertson

Sonya Oyston

Vair Buchanan

Birgitta Eriksson

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