Thursday, 26 January 2017

sally's picks - week 3: AUSTRALIANA

Oh beautiful Australia, how I missed you when I went away.  So many gorgeous posts that show how fun, unique and special this country is.  Here are my picks of the week.  If you have never visited this wonderful land, these images are sure to entice you.  - Sal

Annie Hamilton-Grundy

Clara Cook

Heidi Cooper Smith

Irene Tan

Joshua Singh

Katharine Harper

Katie W Stewart

Kaylin Chiao

Khara Burgess

Kirsty Collett

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Linda Stanway

Lucy Munson

Marily Valkijainen

Paula Sheedy

Peter Hinton

Rachel Tanenblatt

Rafaella Picotti

Samantha Cohen

Shaney Hyde

Zanni Louise

Leanne Barrett

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  1. So many awesome illustrations for the Australiana week! My idea is still percolating, but I'll draw it sometime soon. :-)


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