Monday, 23 January 2017

bonus challenge: CIRCLE #whatcoulditbe - TOP TEN shortlist

Thank you for entering the bonus challenge: CIRCLE to win a copy of my picture book
What Could it Be?
This has been extremely difficult to cut it down to a top ten let alone pick a winner!!  I have chosen the shortlist based on how creative they were.  I have done this creative art activity with a lot of children and every time the kids come up with ideas I have never thought of.  So here are the TOP TEN ideas that I have never seen done before.

THE TWO WINNERS ARE ... Tash Farrar and Tawnya Boe !!! I will be sending you both a copy of What Could it Be? -Sal

WINNER 1: Tash Farrar !!!
WINNER 2: Tawnya Boe !!!

Elyse Kylie Derricott

Ian McLean

Magdalena Vas

Katrina Avery

A G Doyle

Ramona Van Bakkum

Shenbagam Panneer Selvam Fenecian
Omer Age 10

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