Thursday, 2 February 2017

trish's picks - week 4: ODE TO A CHILDREN'S BOOK

A beautiful week of incredible works. Here a just a few from the week that was.

Vanessa Pritchard

Sam Burgess

Ruby Giddings

Raffaella Picotti

Priya Peggy Romal

Peter Papamanolis

Michelle Leahy Warren

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Lucy Smith

Kerrie Robertson

Katrina Cobb

Katie W Stewart

Katha Schwarz

Julie StAubyn

Judith Alcaraz Tello

Jessica Lai

Jenyoseph Quixote

Ivan Smith

Heidi Cooper Smith

Hayley Atkinson

Gary Dadd

Deborah Parker

Darren Lebeuf

Dalia Cristovao

Colin Rowe

Clara Cook

Claire D'Arcy

Cara King

Becky Lazarević

Alina Iftime

Akemi Ito

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