Thursday, 16 February 2017

penelope's picks - week 6: GARDEN

I have adored this weeks theme. I am not the most competent gardener myself so I have loved immersing myself in all your wonderful gardens. Now my Mother, and Mother-in-law on the other hand are both wonderful gardeners. As wonderful at growing tiny shoots and nurturing them to full bloom as you all are at creating beauty and wonder grown from your hearts and minds.
Jutta Berend‎

Amalius Satizabal‎
Andrea England‎
Andrew Grant‎
Colin Rowe‎
Danny Zemp‎
Emma Kaufmann‎
Fiona Weir‎
Jessica de Geus‎
Joyee Neogi‎
Kelly Maddy‎
Kim Phelan‎
Kirsty Collett‎
Lotten Brodén‎
Magdalena Vas‎
Maia Batumashvili‎
Marjory Gardner‎
Matthias Holländer‎
Melissa Johns‎
Nicky Johnston‎
Prue Pittock‎
Sally Fawcett‎
Samantha Hughes‎
Sara Hoover‎


  1. Beautiful picks! Thanks so much for including mine <3 :-)

  2. I love when you post these. I miss so many when I only check in on FB once a day. Thanks for posing.


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