Wednesday, 28 December 2016

sophie's picks - week 52: REFLECTION

Well here we last blog for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge 2016. 

 It has been the most enriching experience of my life , both as an artist and an admin member. I have renewed my love of art which is now deeply embedded in my soul. The friendships I have formed will be for life. So thank you one and all.

Seeyou around the Challenge and keep creating!

Michele Kempees-Lewis
Penelopes Nest
Katrina Cobb
Akemi Ito

Laura Stitzel
Shani Nottingham
Clara Cook
Gary Dadd
Becky Lazarevic
Ivan Smith
Mandy Foot
Annie Magee
Shaney Hyde
Diana Lynn
Joanne Stead
Joanne Stead
Margaret Dewar

Alfonso Lourido

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