Wednesday, 28 December 2016

joanne's picks - week 51: CELEBRATE

What a joyous week of celebration it was here on the 52-week Illustration Challenge wall! But in this very special community I often feel that almost every week is a celebration of some kind... A celebration of the joy of creating, of expressing our thoughts and feelings on paper in the most magical of ways, a celebration of each other's progress, the exploration of our gifts, and a celebration of each others' successes along the way.

I am sure everyone has been just as busy as I have this week, so it has been a thrill to see so many amazing illustrations being posted to the wall, exploring the many ways we celebrate throughout the year. The following selection are illustrations that immediately resonated with me in one way or another.
Cara King 

Kym Louise

Jack Tait "Team Granny"

Peter Hinton

Amanda Hunt

Danny Zemp

Akemi Ito
Amie Sabadan
Leonie Cheetham
Philippa Cleal

Alfonso Lourido

Ivan Smith

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