Wednesday, 18 May 2016

tania's picks - week 19: ADVENTURE

Lena, age 2

I'm delighted to be on 'picks' for ADVENTURE--what a sensational week of inspiring, thought-provoking and emotive artworks. I absolutely loved too many!

Nevertheless, here are my picks for week 19... these are images that struck a chord with me (on a personal level). There are, of course, many other gorgeous images on the Wall right now. Go check them out!

Congrats, everyone--such amazing work.

Peter Hinton

Tash Farrer

Zanni Louise

Aoede Pando‎

Heidi Cooper Smith

Lisa Jones

Benjamin Hummel‎

Clara Cook

Erica Dullege Webb‎

Ivan Smith

A Lizzle Manizzle‎

Maja, age 7

Dot Harper

Paul Tippett

Penelopes Nest

Peter Papamanolis

Margaret Dewar

Sophie Pittaway

Paul Heppell

Elizabeth Kelly

Jennie Marie Webb

Marie Laure Fontan‎

Sue Rawlinson

Izabela Ward

Lisa Coutts

Reti Adrian Marian‎

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  1. Oh wow. Thank you!! So fun to join this challenge! xx


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