Wednesday, 4 May 2016

penelope's picks - week 17: COLLECTOR

What a privilege it is to choose from such a beautiful collection of artworks. I love stories, you could say I collect them, so I have chosen those images that spoke to me of a tale beyond the page or screen. Of collections large and small, imagined and real.

Alfonso Lourido
Claudia Coudert
Clara Cook
Liz Anelli
Chris Kennett
Paul Tippett
Peter Hinton
Louise Rabey
Grietje Drooglever-Uphoff

Kirsty Collett
Demelsa Haughton
Shaney Hyde
Ivan Smith
Marie Charrois
Samantha Simpson-Morgan
Ella Manor
Tracey Blackwell
Urska Tipop
Lizzie Manizzie

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