Wednesday, 14 January 2015

natalie's picks - week 1: FAIRY TALE

A warm welcome to all our new members I hope you are inspired as much as I am by this wonderfully talented community. I was so excited to see so many familiar faces joining in the Challenge themes for 2015- Thank you all for filling my world with your beautiful art.

Here is a highlight of just some of the pieces which resonated the most with me this week, as always you all make choosing a fun and not so easy task. 



Sally Fawcett
Laura Bond
Alejandro Echavez
Dee White
Alison Smallwood
Damien Thomasz
Celeste Hulme
Annie Hamilton-Grundy
Andrea Wallace
Helen McGuire
Irina Zatica Traskos
Ivy 9yrs
Jessica Guthrie
Joyee Neogi
Kelsi Jo Silva
Kerry Daley
Kim Bergstrom
Margaret Dewar
Michele Kempees-Lewis
Miriam Shilling
Nicky Johnston
Patricia Ward
Paul Heppell
Shelly Wild
Skye Robertson
Tania McCartney
Gwynne McGinley
 Anita GadziƄska
Kylie Box
Mel Gannon
Jennifer Locke- Thornhill
Aura Parker
Cara King
Christina Booth
Kathy Creamer
Leonie Cheetham
Lisa-Marie Kerr
Roslyn Grossman
Sylvia Liu
Penny Fisher
Raffaella Ebasta

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