Tuesday, 6 January 2015

exhibition shortlist - April


Jacqui Petersen

Janine Rts

Jess Rackleft

Greg Tsiatis

Paul Heppell

Tracey Lennon

Week 15 - DETAIL

Andrea Wallace

Anne Trott

Odette Teerink

Kate King

Tony Dalla Venezia

Kate Bouman

Week 16 - BOOK COVER

Anita GadziƄska

Harvey, age 7

Judy Watson

Jess Racklyeft

Jessica Guthrie

Simone Downey

Week 17 - HORSE

Kim Bergstrom

Wendy Myers

Judy Watson

Anita Howard

Lisa Loffredo

Skye Robertson


Deb Shewan

Create for Fun

Gwynne McGinley

Lee Moir

Sheryl Gwyther

Leonie Cheetham

Stay tuned for May's shortlist - next Tuesday!

The finals will not be revealed until the Exhibition Opening on Monday 9 March, at Bookfield Place, Perth. A full report of the Opening will be posted on the blog by 12 March.

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