Tuesday, 20 January 2015

exhibition shortlist - June

Week 23 - FEAST

Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Heidi Cooper

Richelle Sanders‎

Kelly Samia

Kristen Okeeffe

Melissa Tan

Week 24 - OCTOPUS

Christina Booth

Heidi Cooper

Jessica Guthrie

Judy Watson

Kim Bergstrom

Lily McBain

Week 25 - DOTS

Andrea Wallace

Anita Howard

Heidi Cooper

Leonie Cheetham

Zeke, age 4

Ana Karen San

Week 26 - CLOUDS

Mary Flynn

Nicole Trapnell

Jess Rackleft

Judy Watson

Mitch Vane

Tracey Read

Stay tuned for July's shortlist - next Tuesday!

The finals will not be revealed until the Exhibition Opening on Monday 9 March, at Bookfield Place, Perth. A full report of the Opening will be posted on the blog by 12 March.

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