Wednesday, 12 November 2014

trish's picks - week 45: LEAVES

What an amazing week, yet again. I have been blown away by the variety of styles and beauty of the pieces. As always, these are just a few of the ones I loved, there were SO many! Thank you all for posting them!

Stuart Ingram
Dana Haigh
Heidi Cooper
Diane McWhirter
Ishrat Habib
 József Vass
Kerry Daley
Kristy Teal
Leonie Cheetham
Lisa-Marie Kerr
Liz Anelli
Mattea Piper
Mel Gannon
Mirona Tartan
Penny Fisher
Bettina Dodson
Christian Tellaz
Deborah Parker
Giles Kelly
Gwynne McGinley
Kayleen West Cavill
Kylie Box
Lily McBain
Lina-Marie Catto
Maria J Cuesta
Nicky Johnston
Nicole Trapnell
Paul Heppell
Rachel Hardman
Skye Robertson
Tania McCartney
Vair Buchanan
Vanessa Pritchard
Vicky Pratt

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