Wednesday, 26 November 2014

leonie's picks - week 47: NEW YORK

I’m definitely in a New York state of mind after viewing all the amazing artwork on the Challenge wall this week. This is quite ironic as I actually don’t like New York. Yes, I can hear all the horrified gasps! I've visited New York, but it didn't ring my bells, unlike the all inspiring, mind blowing contributions from our members for this week's New York theme!

So with my new mindset, it was fun to choose the picks from all the iconic illustrations. I personally rose to the challenge of drawing something from a city I didn't love and I created one piece of work, which for once, I was 100% happy with (this doesn't happen often for me). I hope you forgive me, but I included it as well as a tribute to my different view of New York inspired by your artwork. Thank you all for changing my mind!

So … start spreading the news, I could easily be leaving today, I want to be part of it … I give you New York, New York!

- Leonie

Diane McWhirter

Anne L-y So
Akemi Ito
Clare Johnson
Damien Thomasz

Detta Teerink

Gwynne McGinley

Hayley Atkinson

Lynn Tait - Jack (4)

Janet Murphy

Jess Racklyeft

Kerry Daley

Kylie Box

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Liz Anelli

Margaret Dewar

Melissa Tan

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Natalie Daniel

Nicky Johnston

Penny Fisher

Rebecca Webb

Sally Fawcett

Skye Roberston

Sonya Oyston

Sophie Pittaway

Steve Spargo

Tania McCartney

Tiffany Treganza

Vanessa Pritchard
Leonie Cheetham

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