Wednesday, 19 November 2014

sally's picks - week 46: CIRCUS

How exciting! It's my turn to do the picks.  I have to admit that CIRCUS did not really inspire me at first.  This has happened to me on a few other themes, but always the artwork displayed on the wall has given me inspiration and once again this happened.  I was so inspired that I actually did four pieces this week!  So thank you to all you wonderful artists for sharing your ideas. 

Here are just some of the pieces that I drew inspiration from. 

Andrea Wallace
Annette Fleming
Aura Parker
Bettina Dodson
Cara King
Carolina Peters
Hayley Atkinson
Ian McLean 
Katie W Stewart
Janet Murphy
Kerry Daley
Leila A Nabih
Leonie Cheetham
Michele Kempees-Lewis
Michelle Leahy Warren
Milka Pejovic
Natalie Daniel
Nicky Johnston
Rebecca Webb
Sue Neal
Tania McCartney
Tara Mollan
Vair Buchannan
Vanessa Pritchard
Vicky Pratt
Imogen Appleton
Skye Robertson
Clare Johnson

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