Monday, 24 November 2014

testimonials #1 - how the Challenge has impacted my life

Having already received many private messages from people sharing their gratitude for this fabulous community, when I asked the members how the Challenge had impacted their lives, I knew I would receive a few emails with some kind words.

What I didn't anticipate was the emotional outpouring of deep life-changing moments that people have all experienced in one way or another.

To give these heartfelt, honest and beautiful words justice, I decided to create 'image quotes' using illustrations created throughout the year. I think they demonstrate the pure joy experienced by those who have enjoyed the weekly challenges.

I want to say a  personal 'THANK YOU' to the Challenge Founder, Tania McCartney, who has taken the initiative to commit to producing artwork on a weekly basis that in turn has created this wonderful, supportive and talented community.

Due to the overwhelming response, we will publish these image quotes each week until the end of the year.

x Nicky


  1. Gorgeous!!! looks absolutely amazing. Thank you for putting it together Nicky

  2. Tear-jerking! Gorgeous quotes, and Nicky, thank you for doing this. They look incredible!

  3. Beautiful! And very proud to be included in the first batch! Thank you Nicky & Tania! Ian McLean.

  4. What a beautiful way to display them!

  5. How gorgeous. . . so touching. Just superb, Nicky.


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