Friday, 27 June 2014

The 52-Week Illustration Challenge is Exhibiting!

by Penny Fisher

I've been holding onto some big news or about five months now and can finally reveal it. It's pretty glee-making.

In February, not long after the 52-Week Illustration Challenge began, I was contacted by Arts Brookfield in Perth. Arts Brookfield are one of the world's largest exhibitors of art in public spaces. Some of you may have heard of Arts Brookfield New York, and there are various other incarnations in North America and around Australia.

They asked if I would be interested in holding a March 2015 exhibition of Challenge artwork at Brookfield Place in Perth. This is a stunning public space that features frequent exhibitions.

At first, I was speechless. Then I said 'um, YES!'

The dates are 9 to 22 March 2015 and I will be at the opening on the evening of the 9th. Many Challenge participants are already planning their Perth trip and will hopefully be able to make it for the launch, if not sometime during the exhibition's two-week duration. The friendships and support we have developed in 6 months is the equivalent to 20 year's duration, so it will be some kind of get-together!

There will be 52 artworks on show--one for each week of the Challenge--and I will curate these artworks along with friend and Challenge co-moderator, the talented Nicky Johnston. Choosing this artwork will be both one of the hardest things I've ever done--and also the most joyful. Thank God I'll have Nicky!

If you are in Perth--either living or visiting--please do check out the exhibition. It will showcase a broad variety of Australian and international artistic talent, many of them 'unknowns' but all of them driven by their passion to create.

It's overwhelming to think this humble little Challenge has grown into what it has, and that such incredible opportunities are materialising for its members. They are a gorgeous bunch of people who so deserve all the wonderfulness in the world. The joy they have brought me--both creatively and personally--is untold and I so look forward to seeing their work exhibited for thousands upon thousands of people to enjoy.
by Penny Fisher


  1. This will be an amazing event for everyone to get together I am so looking forward to going Tania xox

  2. Another feather in your cap! Congratulations. Now what was I saying about talent........??

  3. This is so incredibly exciting. Congratulations to you and Nicky and thank you! Congratulations in advance to those whose works will be featured. What a wonderful honor and opportunity. I'm so glad to be part of this group.

  4. Wonderful news and exciting for everyone who is picked. Congrats to you and them! This challenge has opened up avenues to all of us and I thank you. I had walked away from art and I am happy to have a love back in my life. You rocked this challenge!!


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