Saturday, 21 June 2014

learn: How to Gelli Print with Jess Racklyeft

The gelli screen is a very simple gelatin sort of screen that is available in a few sizes. I have the littlest one, and use it for a bit of fun and texture-making. Sometimes I scan these textures for digital artwork, other times I make a bunch of works and give them away/sell. 

Here is my How To which is very simple, I know the makers have a lot more experienced people sharing their tips on their facebook page:

Firstly, I cutout some shapes that might be used – in this example, a flower, stem and bear sort of shape.

 Then, using acrylic paints on my gelli screen, a make some blobs ...

... which I then roll out with a roller. I then layer some shapes, maybe starting with the bear …

I press my paper on, smoothing it out over the gelli screen then delicately peel it off  to see how it looks. 

Not bad! But then, I want to add some different textures with the flowers, so I add more paint, add flowers (I take off bear and then reapply him) ...

I carefully line up my paper in the same spot, and press down onto the screen again ...

I draw on a face, and keep the stem paper texture as it is great against the bear, but… Oh dear! Due to too much paint, this one was a bit of a dud. You can’t really see the flower, and I don’t like my bear’s face, he sort of looks how I feel about this one. Oh well! The glory of this process is the chaos and unexpected results … [Well, I love him! - Ed]

I use my bits and pieces again, with a bit of new paint added and the same bear, but remake my flower.

Using the stem from my first work, and then drawing into this one, I create something new, which has been prettied through the wonders of Instagram.

See more of Jess's wonderful work at


  1. Thanks for sharing your process Jess - It's fabulous and teaching me loads! :-)

  2. What a great printing technique. Must try this on my gelli plate. Thanks for sharing!


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