Monday, 23 June 2014

Challenge Members Win and Shortlist - Kids' Book Review's Illustration Award

Some of our Challenge members entered the Kids' Book Review Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award--in the inaugural illustration section. In its fourth year, the Award has quickly gained ground as one of Australia's premier writing competitions.

Winners of the Australian manuscript section win the chance to have their work fast-tracked to the desk of Walker Books Australia, and Penguin Books Australia for the inaugural international manuscript section.

Our new illustrator section saw 10 winners, who each have the chance to directly submit their work to the publisher at Walker Books.

I'm so proud to see several Challenge members either win, shortlist or receive Highly Commended nods and special mentions. Below is a peek at the work they submitted, along with their particular win. Please note that this is the work of Challenge members only, and not other Award winners.

Congratulations, everyone--love your work!


The Lolly Machine by Aura Parker

Little Red Riding Hood by Nicky Johnston

Sofia Didn't Like Interruptions by Megan Herbert

Cosette by Helene Magisson

Chook by Vicky Pratt

To My Mother by Jess Racklyeft


The Elves and the Shoemaker by Helene Magisson

Tree by Jason Philp

Architecture by Helene Magisson

Tug of War by Kate Bouman


Olaf the Tiniest Viking by Leonie Cheetham

Playtime by Jessica Guthrie

Alone in the Forest by Jacqui Petersen

Rope Ladder by Lucie Mammone

Dragonfly Squadron by Paul Heppell

Magic Butterflies by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki


  1. Such beautiful work and I feel beyond honoured to be included. xx

  2. What magnificent work! SUCH talented people, who obviously love their work. Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations everyone! How exciting. Will take a closer to each of you.

  4. So beautiful! Congrats to the winners!! :D


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