Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Penelope's Picks Week 46: Pencil

I love pencils. The weight of them, the way they sharpen, the fact that we all have our favourite.  They remind me everyday that it's what's inside that counts. They are full of promise of what's to come and when paired with an eraser, can make your troubles disappear. They make what is unknown to the rest of the world visible and YOU do that my friends. Every time you make a mark you are telling the world a part of your story. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful stories on the Challenge wall this week.
Vincent Cavanagh‎
Amanda Nichols Paschal‎
Tash Farrar‎
Kirsty Collett‎
Prue Pittock‎
Luciana Borghi‎
Jutta Berend‎
Kateryna Kosheleva‎
Katrina Cobb‎
Fran Hahn‎
Ivan Smith‎
Peter Papamanolis‎
Thepot Noémi‎
Joanne Kelly‎
Cecilia Timm‎
Colin Rowe‎

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