Thursday, 2 November 2017

joanne's picks - WEEK 43: FRIENDS

I loved this last week's focus on friends and friendship in all its forms! Isn't it wonderful to take the time to remember all of the things that those special relationships do in our lives!? Shared laughter, dreams and mischief; support through troubled times; and a helping hand whenever we need it - friends hold our history, share our life journeys and forgive our short-comings while gently pushing us towards our potential. Thank you for sharing your friendships with me this week.

Tracy Williams

Amy Haynes

Amy Louise Calautti

Chava Berele

Deborah Drake Norris

Jan Clifton Watford

Jennifer Walker

Jutta Berend

Lex McKay

Lynda Bell-Mann

Maria Brasil

Paul Heppell

Paula Sheedy

Samantha Simpson-Morgan

Vanessa Pritchard

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