Thursday, 16 November 2017

Melissa's Picks Week 45: Homage to Favourite Artist

Art is not in the eye of the beholder but in the very soul of the artist - It speaks in every piece of art on our wall that you fabulous artists have painstakingly created. I marvel that you all either paid tribute with a portrait, recreated scenes or emulated a style, however still managed to make your contribution your own.

Your tributes are wonderful and inspiring, well done all! (You never know, perhaps one day there will be an aspiring artist that adores your work and wants to grow up to be you!)

Katharine Harper 

Lesley McGee

Jutta Berend 

Katrina Cobb 
Alex Pick 

Katie Stewart

Linda D'Agostino 

Luciana Borghi

Tabassum Khalid

Hanneke Rozemuller

Colin Rowe  

Leonie Cheetham 

Margaret Schons 

Michele Kempees-Lewis 

Peter Papamanolis 

Pita Norris

Shaney Hyde 

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