Thursday, 21 September 2017

Sarah's Picks Week 37: Queen

I had a lot of fun looking through everyone's queenly posts for this week's theme. I hope you enjoy this selection of wonderful illustrations that caught my eye.

Louise Tesoriero‎

Alex Pick

Amanda Hunt‎

Leonie Cheetham‎

Kirsty Collett‎

Tatiana Bracinac‎

Sarah Hedley‎

Lucie Mammone‎

Katrina Cobb‎

Saga Mackenzie‎

Gary Dadd‎

Lesley McGee‎

Amelia Jane‎

Stef Hew-Nakatani‎

Erica Dullege Webb‎

Suzanne Pritchard‎

Penelope Pratley‎

Margaret Dewar‎

Clara Cook‎

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