Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Melissa's picks Week 35: Bucket List

For me the Bucket List is about creating moments, big and small, that stay with you for a lifetime. In completing this theme you're part way there in the fact that your artwork can and will last a lifetime; it's being shared, it's making us all smile, and it's now a part of something larger.
You have all delighted me this week with some dreamy artwork. I've adored the insight into everyone's hopes for their future and loved the eclectic imaginations displayed.
Thank you talented artists for brightening the wall and all of our feeds!
These bunch of pretties are a few of my favourites for 'Bucket List'. X

Kirsty Collett 

Shaney Hyde 

Margaret Schons 

Margaret Dewar 

Danny Zemp 

Leonie Cheetham 

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Winterberry Art 

Lex McKay 

Colin Rowe 

Cara King 

Alex Pick

Penelope Pratley 

Jutta Berend
Andrea England 

Deborah Drake Norris

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