Thursday, 14 September 2017

Penelope's Picks Week 36: Printing

The variety and scope of your fabulous interpretations for this weeks theme have left me hard pressed to choose those I like most. I truly love it when a Challenge theme can encompass a wide range of ideas and techniques. It seems the possibilities are endless when it comes to printing. I have loved them all from messy mice, to stamping elephants.

Alex Pick‎
Leonie Cheetham‎
Margaret Dewar‎
Ashleigh O'Lynn‎
Clara Cook‎
Colin Rowe‎
Andrea England‎
Anya Kopotilova‎
Katja Landowski-Mertes‎

Anne L-y So‎
Danny Zemp‎
Melissa Johns‎
Amanda Hunt‎

Winterberry Art‎
Sue Rinaldi‎
Mandy Snow‎
Maggie Iovannella‎
Louann Brown‎
Kirsty Collett‎

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